The plaza is located at the southeast corner of Veteran’s Parkway and Greg Street and is composed of a rock salt finish concrete dedication plaza and commemorative brick plaza areas. The major foci are memorial walls with columns located on the perimeter of the plaza areas. The walls and columns are brick veneer with pre-cast caps and accents. Granite panels are inset on each wall where the names of the fallen will be engraved in a polished, native granite veneer. A feature wall is located along the main line axis of the design. A large, polished, black granite depiction of the state of Nevada will be mounted at the focal point of the feature wall with the State’s motto “All for Our Country* inscribed upon it. The plaza dedication information could be placed upon this accent piece. The names of our fallen that have received the nation’s highest awards for valor – the Medal of Honor and the Army/Navy/Air Force Cross – could be given pride of place on this feature wall.

Pavement accents are provided by 36* wide granite banding that help define the areas and draw the eye towards the memorial walls. The commemorative brick plazas are intended to allow the public to purchase bricks to commemorate a friend or loved-ones service and will be unveiled yearly at annual Veteran’s Day events.
Six granite benches will be engraved with the logos, motto and other pertinent dates of the branches of service – Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and National Guard. A large statue or commemorative art piece is planned for the brick plaza areas.

The statue/art consists of large granite slabs of native Nevada granite with cut-out of the state carved through the stone. The accent piece on the feature wall is intended to be visible through the outline of the state. The word “Nevada” is inscribed and highlighted with gold paint to represent the state’s history of mining. The break in the slabs represents the disruption to veteran’s lives that occurred while serving in the military. The slabs are set at an IB degree angle relative to each other to commemorate Nevada’s status as the 36th state to join the union. The slabs are offset from each 7 inches to indicate that Nevada is the 7th largest state by area


The plan relies heavily upon the number *36” and multiples or divisors of that number to provide the underlying structure of the design. The number “36” represents Nevada’s status as the thirty-sixth state. Each of the brick paver areas are on an angle of 36 degrees. The radii of the plaza edge and rockery wall face is 108 feet – three times thirty-six. The granite accents bands are three feet wide – thirty-six inches. The commemorative brick plazas are thirty-six feet wide. Other numbers that are connected with the State are also utilized. For example, there are seventeen trees proposed which represent the 16 counties of Nevada plus the capital of Carson City.